The IBA - International Basketball Academy arrives in Turin and will offer to professional and amateur players the opportunity to increase their technical and mental skills as well as improve their weaknesses related to the playing field.

An high-qualified staff will work on the development of both technical and tactical skills of the young champions and thanks to a specific project coordinated by the legendary TEOMAN ALIBEGOVIC, legend of Fortitudo Bologna, player of Alba Berlin, Trieste and Udine among others, and coach of Snaidero and Scafati.

The basketball camp organized with the collaboration of Collegno Basketball will ensure support and a high level of coordination.

The athletes will initially carry out some evaluation tests and will be able to provide specific individual work requests that will serve as a starting point to improve their basketball and athletic skills under the guidance of  coaches such as Teoman Alibegovic, Ivano Leccia, Marco Spanu, Matteo Roselli, Rosso Stefano as well as surprise special guests who will complete ourc camp days.

The technical staff will be completed by the physical trainer Chiara Zamperin and by the studies of the nutritionist of the IBA camp 2021 Giorgia Monti.


An average of 4 hours a day will be dedicated to basketball: individual and group video meetings of technique and improvement, training aimed at developing individual technique, group training and competitions.
Variable and personalized intense workouts aimed at achieving planned results.
Regarding the age, we'll structure the camp in a balanced way and we form groups for training taking into account the basketball level of each athlete as well as the physical value.
In any case, amateur and professional athletes will always be divided into groups according to the category they belong to.
The pro schedule will be specific and variable according to the peculiarities of the athletes.
The goal of the basketball camp is to develop individual and team techniques, assuming that competitiveness and tournaments are as important as the development of technical skills.

IBA 2021 Camp is open for players who really want to improve their game. Amateurs and professionals. Youth players from Under 14 onwards, men and women. The camp will be organized from Monday to Friday starting from:

  • 28 June / 2 July 
  • 5/9 July
  • 12/16 July 


The activities will take place entirely at  Palacollegno, in Collegno (Turin).  The facilites will include a basketball court, a lift weight gym and an area dedicated to the physical preparation of the athlete in collaboration with Collegno Basket.

IBA camp has a cost of € 150.00 per week for amateurs and youths and a cost of € 350.00 for players who have played in A and A2 (professionist).

The price gap is due to the different management of the day and the highly specialized goals for the pro players.



IBA CAMP does not have a specific daily schedule because it will change depending on the partecipant needs and skills. The schedule will be customized from player to player or group of players.

Anyway, we can consider a typical day as the follow:

9:30/12:30: Morning activation, basketball court for 90 minutes and lift weights
2:00/4:30 Afternoon video, basketball court and counselin

Activities during the week:

Conference Basketball

Practices often begins or ends with basketball videos that include a wide range of themes

• Psychology and basketball
• The 10 commandments of the bench
• Learn by watching a basketball game
• Being a basketball player: pros and cons
• Work and success
• Shooting training and group training

Training Session

  • Initial warm-up with the whole group, through a dynamic and fun game based on the basketball rules

Individual Technical Station

Beware of basketball fundamentals: 

  • Dribble and Pass
  • Ball reception, blocks
  • Exercise without the ball

Physical Training

Physical preparation with Chiara Zamparin who will work on the muscle areas functional to basketball as well as general maintenance  for the summer period.


Dribbling & Shooting session

Dribble in real shooting situations, made to correct mistakes, improve technique and help players to improve their technique:

  • free throw, 3-point shot, jump shot
  • step back and shoot
  • spin move and european step


PFor some types of exercises, a partner is required, such as for pass,  in steps, screens, 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3

The Nutritionist Consultant

Giorgia Monti, biologist and nutritionist, will be our guest during the camp and will teach children how proper nutrition affects the performance on the pitch.

She will explained the rules to keep a better nutrition during the season in order to have excellent performances on the court and how to manage particular situations, such as a holiday or the camp itself, where it is not possible to decide what to eat.
This lessons will lead the kids to feed properly and make them aware of their diet.


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